Thursday, 24 December 2009

Merry Xmas? Of course it is....

I have just….? I want to say crawled or stumbled but no, I walked up the stairs really well, in heels, without singing anything from the eighties, nor did I vomit or shag the nearest single cell. I don’t actually feel dull, middle aged or wanting….it’s a strangely nice feeling. Fuck it ….!! I may have the happenings of a grown up occurring…I will combat this with a disgustingly inappropriate seventy year old boob job …no, wait! even better, something not to cryptic with the lower level love palace…something to do with ’whistling whilst I walk’..(sorry)….What’s that? Yes fair enough I may be a wee bit squiffy. Nevertheless! Quick sum up…

Scotland? Well some council offices have been banned from putting Xmas decorations up because of health and safety......? As my friend said this, I saw blood being drawn up from the nail she was biting…she didn’t notice, I chose not to notice but suggested black pudding for her lunch. Although they were not permitted to have their Xmas lunch as they were told that the public would resent them for it….she told me to stop biting my nails…

It took me ages, to work out why the Scottish people grimaced every time I proclaimed love for Frankie Boyle... On 'Ellen MacArthur...How many times is she going to sail around the world before she realises that she's a lesbian?'

Nothing to do with Scotland or anything else.....damn funny though..

On other news England on an evolutionary scale is doomed in it's efforts for and safety and the nanny state coupled with babysitting the benefit class will produce a generation with a distinct inability to compete with the rest of the world but with a government(s) that has (will) have (had? That’s getting difficult now). The petty abilities to cheat lie and steal and lets face it no one can do a damn thing about it, gawd blog them for trying…but at least it was exposed…*coughs* to a certain degree…you know they are government and ummm? who the hell are you?

Crikey when I think about it summing up could take some time… I can’t succinct Africa, Obama, Palestine, Food aid, Libertarians, BNP and why I sill have these heels on?

Tell you what….I’m changing my blog (now becoming a website....look at me thinking I'm special) to something a bit more *sighs* sophisticated, possibly more grown up early next year. Feel I should pay more respect to the study and research I’m doing, probably have less swearing and a bit more academic content (maybe)…anyway if you choose to stay…. I shall still be angry and continue on the theme but with a wee bit more activism, no point talking about it if you don’t start doing something about it eh? I HATE desktop politicians…they don’t DO anything but moan….I’m in the mood to challenge, I must be because I still haven’t taken these damn heels off, I have size eight feet… it’s not a good look on a futon.

I’m in London (I could hear you asking), drove down from Scotland earlier, if you live in the UK you will now be looking at me as your triumphant goddess. You name a weather system today and I stood bold de-iced and conquered. I one the battle and the battle was good. So after all that violence I am relaxing after a lush meal in Charing Cross, in a pleasant flat in Hampstead. I love London because it has such good food it has so many beautiful colours and I mean the people….I have no idea what the fuck anyone is saying, it’s lovely…… but three four hours in…I remember why I left. Us Londoners are such wankers, we really think WAY too much of ourselves and really think every one else is interested in the fact, we know someone that has done something in a discipline YOU couldn’t possibly understand but will definitely envy. The worse thing is, it’s now coming from the F1 generation… Uber Farquhar mitosis!

One more thing...if you are going to literally buy into this holiday, can you make it last at least more than one day!...Everyone moans about how much it costs...spread the cost out people, oh hold on or stop buying utter nonsense that no one really needs and stuffing your face stupid with an overfed bird and cheese covered carbs. Does nobody but me find this annual practice weird? Seriously what is the tree about? Jesus and Santa? And the inability to say no....we’ll just take the holiday without the nonsensical crap please …continuing to lie to children in this capitalist manner can not be healthy? I know I know…you have heard it all before….but yet it continues…

Ummm? Anyway, enjoy this tinselly time, don’t make any resolutions and if you feel you need to give up drinking every new year…..that’s probably because you have a far deeper rooted issue than you think…

Sorry what I meant to say was HAVE A WONDERFUL XMAS !! HAVE A HAPPY NEW YEAR (sometimes known as the next day)

And thanks for reading ‘x’

(wow that's me in a good mood)

Wednesday, 9 December 2009

Provocation and munipulation USA take back your missionaries

Would you mind clicking below…it won’t take long, I just need to talk to you about something...

Visit for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy

'KAMPALA, Uganda - Proposed legislation would impose the death penalty for some gay Ugandans, and their family and friends could face up to seven years in jail if they fail to report them to authorities. Even landlords could be imprisoned for renting to homosexuals.'

You are fucking joking right? American fundamentalists pissing on yet another region in a distant land….I’m confused…did the planes hitting the WTC not send out a big enough warning of what could possibly happen if you continually keep oppressing infiltrating and generally fucking over people you have no right to be around? It does question why the hell you feel you have the right to exact a campaign on countries with the heading ‘it’s a war on terror’…..when you are the constant or establisher of the damn terror.

I suggest we stop being apathetic and possibly turn around to the idiots provoking the possible onslaught. How fucking dare you?….Scott lively Don Schmierer Caleb Lee Brundidge and the Rev Jim Garlow …Mike Tidmus has given the background to these idiots here. Homophobic religious freaks, I want to go so far as to say racists as well. This is inciting the killing of people regarding their sexual preference you can't do that in America, why did they choose Uganda?? Maybe it's because Uganda is easy prey as they are not very fond of their gay population and have developed a bill suggesting that gay people should be put to death or have life imprisonment and like most governments pick and choose their values as and when it suits.

Uganda"s ethics minister, James Nsaba Buturo, said the death sentence clause would probably be reviewed but maintained the law was necessary to counter ''foreign influence'' (oh please). He said homosexuality "is not natural in Uganda," a view echoed by some Ugandans

The bill isn't new but the part the named Americans have to play in it is...if you want to have a read you will find it here entitled THE ANTI HOMOSEXUALITY BILL. 2009.... well it's to the point at least. Can you imagine waking up in the morning only to realise your life is at risk because of your DNA? Mince at your peril?? People can not turn off the gay gene.... bill reform or not they will continue to be targets from the people who feel threatened by their way of life and with the confidence that the law is on their side.

This is a reactionary piece...although I have sat on it for several days and I give a graceful curtsey to @fokiesd for giving me a heads up on it. The men in question have backed down in their involvement for obvious reasons. And the bill is supposedly under review. But I think the problem with fighting against humanitarian breeches is the resistance you find for cultures to recognise that their sometimes violent discrimination, infringes on a persons right to live freely without fear but hey.. I guess that's what's intended. They genuinely feel that gay people threaten the family structure and value. Maybe the Uganda government now recognises they are being watched but 'David Bahati, the legislator sponsoring the bill, said he was encouraging

"constructive criticism" to improve the law, but insisted strict measures were necessary to stop homosexuals from "recruiting" schoolchildren.'

WHAT??? But this is not in isolation Nigeria Kenya and Rwanda are places discriminating against homosexuals as well. It's bad enough their governments are doing it to their own people, they do not need manipulation and provocation from the homophobics in the rest of the world. Africa is seriously messed up as it is without the missionaries coming back to finish off the fucking job!

Thursday, 26 November 2009

Poll results for what do we replace food aid with considering the continuing crisis in places like the Horn of Africa?

Agricultural investment 25%3
Continue with the aid 0%0
Introduce mass GM farming 17%2
Let local producers provide to local markets 58%7
12 votes total

Thanks to those who voted. I'm not phased by such poor response and it's not because the question was difficult to tackle or badly scribed but it does reflect the apathy people have with this subject and now seemingly an everyday actuality. In one conversation I had with someone, they said they are not going to vote because ‘we have all cried over Africa we give them the money and they just spend it’. They are not far wrong but it was strange and some what frustrating that they ended their argument telling of how they gave a friend some funding who was going out there in order to help build a school. I did put my head in my hands, surely with this understanding of skipping the middle man you are capable of deciphering where a sensible vote would go, a box tick of I or 4 would have sufficed. It’s that level of resistance that slows the world to a crawl.

Anyway continuing with food aid is a no no, it’s not working and serves to build resentment. GM farming is actually happening as seeds donated in aid from the US are modified. Some countries have agreed how it can be farmed without infecting normal crops others have constructed no policy on the matter. The ideal would be encouraging local producers to provide to local markets but as it stands in some places, food aid ‘displaces commercial sales for local farmers as well as rival importers. These market conditions discourage local production: exactly the opposite of what is needed to meet the underlying purpose of all development assistance: the reduction of poverty. Livelihoods, food security, and rural development all depend on stimulating increased production in food aid recipient countries.’ (Foreign policy in focus, Food aid emergency)

So we are left with agricultural investment it’s the one I favour most and will strengthen the economies in the long run. Most areas it would seem effected predominately by poverty seem to be in the rural areas, this is where the concentration of investment should be delivered. I agree with the Imperial College London who suggested these implementation policies in 2004:-

  • Diversity - policies on agricultural development such as irrigation and rain-fed cereal intensification, root crop intensification or export cash crops must be tailor made to reflect the diversity in each country that has arisen from the differing colonial histories.
  • Institutional development - investigate how alternative governance structures could provide the necessary coordination while being responsive to farmers' interests, encourage operational efficiency and financial discipline. Preliminary ideas include tenders for regional franchise, with rewards to the operating company.
  • Trade - studies are needed of policy regimes, which would maintain linkage to world markets, via competitive trading, but help stabilise prices.
  • Research - technological and institutional innovations are needed for economic development with a balance between bottom up and pure applied research.
  • Governance - interventions are needed to stimulate both political and economic development by drawing attention to the question of how accountable political institutions develop.

The Consultative Group on International Agricultural Research (CGIAR) have proven research to say that " in the past that just small amounts of funding can boost crop yields, defeat devastating pests, and ultimately lift farmers and their families out of poverty – allowing them to earn enough money to send their children to school'. What worries me is if we are armed with significant amounts of research and solutions why are the investments still not being made and rolling this out on a larger scale? Why are countries such as the US still intent in giving aid? And ignoring the target set by the UN to alleviate poverty by 2015. This goes back to a concern I have voiced in an earlier post, is there money to be made in food aid? We already know that corruption is writhe in some African governments but are they completely to blame? Anyway I have spoken enough on this one and shall talk of free markets, Fairtrade and GM crops in a post down the line. Bet you can’t wait!!

Friday, 20 November 2009

Make your deities case here !!

As I can’t write a serious piece on anyones god and lacking one myself, I thought it would be easier to throw it out for discussion. My socialisation was that of Catholicism, Sunday Church and Catholic schooling. I declared my self unfit for further service as I just didn’t understand why gay people couldn’t go to heaven. It just made no sense to me and a classroom full of teenage horny girls who immediately took action.

We stood up and yelled at the nun at the front of the class, Sister ‘I hope I won’t be the second nun to get knifed’ Theresa. We walked out..we got detention, very few of us got confirmed into this now perceived contradiction. A fair few of us graduated and went on to have a great life afterwards, mainly involving that of higher education, drinking sex and drugs a plenty. A few of us fell but most of us are still here thriving and doing well. Still have the memories of being spanked by nuns though….do you know what an oxymoron that is? Quite frankly I’m amazed we are not walking around with a gun…..then again there are some religious types that do.

Problem with Catholicism is it is ruled with fear and guided with ludicrous stories. When you are oppressed for so long, once you are given your freedom you go mental. It was a dull and a stagnate interpretation of how to live life, I think it’s finally over but if it helps, I will always have a guilty fear of something, not sure what... I just know it's something, anyone in a religion does…we are all born sinners after all, what chance do you have if you start in deficit?

So just out of curiosity if you do or don’t support a deity I still would be interested in your opinion. What is a God?

* Omnipotent (all-powerful, able to do anything)

* Omnibenevolent (all-loving)

* Omniscient (all-knowing)

* The Creator (of all that exists)

* The Sustainer (if God ceased to exist, so would everything else)

* Perfectly Free

* Eternally Existing (will go on and on and on...)

* A Personal God (a being with whom one can have a personal relationship)

Choose one or more and describe why you think this. This is an existentialism philosophical tool derived from Satre but lets try and keep it as free flowing as possible. I appreciate it is existentialism therefore depth has no choice but to rule or at least should. By using Satre/TPM and various sources, I shall try to argue how feasible such a god would be. And saying your god is lovely and makes great tea will be listened to of course, but chastised severely!

Saturday, 14 November 2009

Abolition of the death penalty....

The death penalty is a barbaric practice and has no place in this day and age. I can’t tell you how many petitions I have written to stop the death of a blatant miscarry of justice…sometimes it works. A lot of the time it doesn’t Ehsan Fattahian was executed this week. He was a kurdish human rights activist and his sentence of excecution was passed illegally.

Iran, China, Saudi Arabia, are but a few of the countries that still practice the death penalty, we need to start speaking out in order to get it stopped completely. The petition doesn't always work but it's better than no action at all.

Tuesday, 10 November 2009

It's Vegan month......relax I'm unarmed.....

Yes amongst all the other annoying attributes to this embodiment called me, I am also a vegetarian but relax and get your finger off the deletion button, I am not one of those with an issue or hidden agenda. HONEST ! And I don't eat chicken or fish and for fuck sake PLEASE stop giving me mushroom risotto.
I am a true vegetarian but do have refined taste.

I don't wear any animal product but have no issue with you wearing them or eating them...let me put it this way, can I ponse into the tribes of South America, Africa and various with that decadent idealism about the welfare of animals? Eat the meat but take your lessons from cultural ecology. You will find the tribes know how to rear and slaughter superiorly better than the over farming diseased animals of the West. Nice’s your second head working out for you? I'm not preaching, I'm saying nothing you are not aware of.

I promise, I will not caress you with doey eyed subtlety then hit you with a speech about global warming, then threaten you with constant stream of boycott pledges or sign this petition tact. I only wear sandals because my feet are HA-UGE...and if it wasn't for your gob filled streets, I wouldn't wear any. I find the best way to impart is by action, my own action, the hope is to follow by example not by superficial efforts. I vehemently despise sycophants, obsequiousness and platitudes, nothing but your vanity is served and I'm 38, I have no time to stroke your fragile egos, I need to do, not talk. My learning is in education for sustainability and believe it or not, it is far from the blame game, more to do with balance and own resolve. Well at least this is how I choose to interpret it and take it forward.

The issue with climate change seems to be easy for the Northern part of the world to pick up and discard so easily because we are not feeling the affects of it as readily. It’s a bit more stable and progressive up here although winter is here again and we shall see which parts of the UK flood this year. Anyway I'll give critical analysis of the Copenhagen Conference and climate change in December. In the meantime I just wanted to highlight a beautiful happening in India because as a student of development and sustainability and a recently employed International developer, I feel it is my duty to quiet down those damn god like tax payers, with some truly astounding and successful development stories.

Most of you ofay with sustainability or international development issues would have heard this news but for those who haven’t, I am very excited about it:-

The barefoot solar engineers

'The Ministry of Non-Conventional Energy Sources, the European Commission and the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) support the Barefoot Solar Engineering programme. It is implemented by the Barefoot College, also known as the Social Work Research Centre or SWRC, an NGO based in Tilonia, Rajasthan. Set up by noted social worker Bunker Roy, the Barefoot College addresses community problems by building upon people's skills and placing the solutions in their own hands.' (cited on a click of the pic)

I think we all fully understand that aid is not the answer to the crisis in the continuing changes of the climate….and if we can simply move the politics out of the way of human suffering, we could possibly establish the best way to prevent unnecessary death.

As above we can plainly see educating people to sustain their lives is needed and evidently justified. Granted it may be by us (the rest of the developed (Northern) world), which personally I have no problem with. I am curious to know thoughts and views as to how we can change established funding though, as aid has suffered recently because of the depletion in the world wide coiffeurs (worries me that governments will cut back in aid but continue with weapons and unnecessary wars).

I personally want local farmers to be able to provide in and around their region… aid takes this away from their trade, which disables the countries independence, development and obvious progress. Hmmm? There is the argument that money can and has been made by big business dealing with famine…. No never ..unthinkable…think of the children..

Anyway my PhD proposal is focused around the free market, Fairtrade, agricultural investment…and seriously is GM an option?? How do we build up the economy within certain regions so those damn constant moaning taxpayers can stop complaining about their need for bin men to collect on time without spillage..?? You can see my binde?. Ideas and comments will be gladly welcomed especially the constructive negatives.

Saturday, 7 November 2009

Obama Poll result

What do you think of Obama so far....?

An excellent decisive leader

Not long enough in office to give a conclusive opinion

Dalai Lama snubbing, capitalism before humanitarian thinking, New Orleans? Guantanamo?

Are you having a tantrum because the great black hope turned into just another politician Oleuanna? 35%

23 votes total

Thanks I am Stan for your comments they are very much appreciated and I think he is proving himself to be more of a puppet than a leader. Well I guess the poll speaks for itself really...I officially have the hump.

The language of racism is both overt and covert .

I am not a racist, nor have I ever been and I have no intentions of becoming one, I’m just not that bothered. Not to mention if you have seen the skin colour of my daughter niece and nephew you’ll probably see it would just serve to confuse the whole family if I took this stance in life, especially around Christmas time. I’m also not overly sensitive about being black, I laugh at people that need to use derogatory language to describe a race* although the use of the word darkie does get my back up a bit. It kind of assumes that the norm is white and that bugs me. It bugs me especially as it is a term that is becoming popular again. If I say I don’t like it then I am told I am being too sensitive and it’s just a term that’s used to mock political issues say in regard with the BNP or immigration and in the way the government handles these issues. And that makes sense how? Well because everything is Labours fault isn’t it? I think it’s an avoidance strategy commonly used to rationalise discrimination such as denial and omission you know like those weird people that say the holocaust never happened…...

These people also - and I would have to agree - despise political correctness, a term born from the pen of Arnold Bennett who was a liberal socialist (whatever the hell that means). All it has created is anger and hostility, it went too far and too many groups spewing petty ridiculous needs ‘for justice and equality’ popped up and the natives got sick of it. I am going to have to agree, some people played the race card, I have witnessed it and he gained £10 000. This was within an NGO which was solely set up to help people in the minority…how dumb twisted ignorant and appalling I find that man…..a black man.

So anyway I have decided after reading many blogs that innocently incite animosity towards minorities by using these terms all jokingly like…you know like Bernard Manning and Jim Davis did because they were funny weren’t they? I get the feeling that these people are fighting back and feeling they are not being treated fairly and with discrimination. Why are they always blamed and have to be punished or have to pay for the darkies disgruntlement’s or inabilities to stay in their own war torn countries. I’m watching the continuing anger against the UK government gather pace, people not only needing their identity back but also want to preserve the resources of their land for themselves their taxes pay for it after all. Completely understandable really but hold on the darkies pay taxes too don’t they? But you are right I’m just being over sensitive….

*Race and it’s definition… that’s a future conversation.
I'll tell you who those people are soon.....though if you read the usual blogs you would know....

Tuesday, 3 November 2009

Racism at the Bus Stop

How I feel daily.....

Yuse kno wat I means star?

Friday, 30 October 2009


There is/was a thing about black people dating outside of their cultural spec once upon a time in London and of course vice versa but I forgot about the social implications from my perspective.

I use to get told off for dating outside of my colour when I was younger, beaten up and bottled once because of it and on one specific occasion, I recall when all the black guys in this club mocked my very very white boyfriend he did dance badly.. nohing to do with his colour, he loved Marc Almond he was a bad dancer and the black guys were bouncers, nobody looked good.... it really is one of those stories where you had to have been there....everyone but me looked like a twat.

Stop screaming..... ...It's a slow news week.......and I just miss Barry...

I miss her.......

I want to be really angry about the futile conspiracy theory that escalated about her death. Sometimes.....even as gutted as I am, we should just let some people respectfully die......just want to consider how much life she gave me..........can we leave her with that?

Some not all.....just some....still miss home...

Thursday, 29 October 2009

Sting: Obama best person to handle world's 'mess'

Well we were wondering what he was up to weren't we? No? No... nor I?

By NEKESA MUMBI MOODY in an interview with Sting October 28th 2009

Click for source...

NEW YORK — Sting isn't a religious man, but he says President Barack Obama might be a divine answer to the world's problems.

"In many ways, he's sent from God," he joked in an interview, "because the world's a mess."

But Sting is serious in his belief that Obama is the best leader to navigate the world's problems. In an interview on Wednesday, the former Police frontman said that he spent some time with Obama and "found him to be very genuine, very present, clearly super-smart, and exactly what we need in the world."

"I can't think of anyone better qualified because of his background, his education, particularly in regard to Islam," he said.

Still, Sting acknowledged the president had a "difficult job" ahead of him.

The British singer, who released the seasonal album "On A Winter's Night" this week, said he's fascinated by American politics, Obama, and also by Obama's opponents on the right.

"It's aggressive and violent and full of fear," he said of the backlash against Obama. "They don't want change, they want things to feel the same because they feel safe there."

Sting, 58, said he's hopeful that the world's problems can be dealt with, but is frustrated that "we seem to be living in a currency of medieval ideas."

"My hope is that we can start talking about real issues and not caring about whether God cares about your hemline or your color," he said. "We are here to evolve as one family, and we can't be separate anymore."

Well lets be thankful it wasn't Bono eh?

Friday, 9 October 2009

Now what was I saying earlier??

This is Ron Paul, no stranger to most of you that follow politics with rigor (I hold my hands up, I had to Wiki his Bio, oh yeah sorry for citing Wiki but it's late and I needed to vent!). But anyway if you don’t, in short, he ran for the US Presidency in '88 for the Libertarians and ’08 as a Republican. I just wanted to defend my rant about Obama and what better way than with someone who is in the know, campaigns for liberty and is incredibly eloquent in his deliverance.

If we think Obama is about peace, then why is there still a war continuing in Afghanistan? Ron’s right, Obama and the Bush legacy have made it into an acceptable defensive process toward a war against terror and how can we resist such tact? To vocalise your contempt for this campaign makes you no better than an extreme fundamentalist. Why is this reminding me of the cold war?

We need to stop being schmoozed by these leaders because before we know it, Tony Blair will be Prince of Europe and Obama crowned King of an International Government, a movement that will have no issue using weapons and force to create Western customised ‘peace’. As I suggested earlier we have to ask ourselves what are the motives behind this? And whom will it benefit in the end?

Now what thinks you of this prize?

Oh Bama......I guess it's something to tell the grand kids eh?

The differences between these two men? One has a better tailor, lives in the West, parades as a catalyst for change, drops in half way through life long political struggles claiming some of the glory..oh and just won a Nobel. The other one IS an achiever!

I swear I haven't got it in for Obama...and I’ll just have a short rant on this subject, because lets face it, I think we are all pretty much one minded about this award. I am not about to talk about and compare my much loved Mother Theresa and Martin Luther King, who without blinking deserved such distinction. I shan’t even mention the life threatening efforts of the nominated Morgan Tsvangirai. He battled that damn Mugabe for years watching people who opposed him disappear and be powerless to prevent it, then moving into a position not of death but sat beside the tyrant leader, in a some what unbelievable coalition.

No No…why would I highlight such obviousness. Because you and I know when we hear those names they instantly evoke the images of strength, bravery, pride, honour and heart swelling admiration we adorn to them because it is something we could not have possibly achieved, even with the life we have left.

I’ll not utter a sound.

But what I will say is, if after eleven days of being freshly in the White house you were told that you would be nominated for such an award, why didn’t you take the committee to one side and say no thanks lets put it off a couple of years? No? Well ok, alright, you probably thought to yourself, no fucking way will I win it…I’ve only been here a short while it couldn’t possibly be awarded to me? and if it did, then wouldn’t you think to yourself it’s because the international stage have obviously got some kind of hidden agenda in mind. Which if you think of race relations and religious connotations, those agendas become quite transparent, wafts of internationalism.

Surely an intelligent man like you would have turned around and said no, lets wait, who would respect me for having it? How could I respect myself? Because you do realise, without a shadow of a doubt, everybody thinks you are being awarded it for being the first black President don’t you? You haven’t done anything else, except talk about your intentions and I am not buying into the argument that the award is about ‘encouragement not achievement’ because if that were the case, then you still fall behind Doctors without borders or Aid workers to name but a few and where are their awards?

So when you pick up that award and give that speech, of which I can NOT wait to hear! When you get back home just ask yourself the one question, are you really worthy to stand in the same line up with those other achievers oops sorry encouragers and feel equal?

I would have respected you more if you had said no and handed it to Tsvangirai.

Adage :
Tsvangirai congratulates Obama

I think that speaks volumes....

Wednesday, 7 October 2009

Iz it because I iz black? ummm well yes... but it's not just about me...

It’s that time again, where I turn off Classical FM and conveniently highlight my ancestry with the sound of Peter Tosh dub wafting out my cottage door. I could quite easily be perceived as a coconut sat on this white middle class Estate, I confess sometimes I do forget what my parents sacrificed in order for me to be sat here but I can assure you, living in the UK it’s a memory lapse that occurs infrequently. After all I am the only black living on this hill and I'm not the help !!

So try not to start any mass political debate about the blacks having a month to celebrate their heritage and don’t do that ‘us and them’ standardised argument.. ‘if there is a black month there should be a white month’. Do try to avoid the constant droning bitter grumblings of… ‘better not be government funded’!!….give that monotone moaning a rest. For this month serves not just as a celebration for the BHM culture but a reminder of the importance of how we....yes I said WE, as a country have changed, grown, educated ourselves about the integration of other cultures, improved and moved on more harmoniously now. Much more congruent, than that of the days of the Brixton riots, Bradford and the lovely stop, batter, arrest then search tactics of the police back in the day. We all need to see and have this benchmark. It’s no longer an ‘us and them’ society, *coughs* well not as much… if anything the lack of popular support for the BNP thankfully evidences that.

So for all those Windrush, Ugandan Asians, Bengali, Chinese, Indian and African next generation to name a select few. If it weren’t for the utter horrific hardships our parents and ancestors had to endure, when they were actually INVITED here, to help strengthen the UKs infrastructure in order to make their lives better, which in turn aided our parents lives to improve. Then we sure as hell wouldn’t be as thriving when we make the comparison to some of the countries they have left behind.

And to all the original inhabitants of the UK you need to celebrate this month along side the BHM. If you look at the history of the immigration here, you will see it is a partnership that overall has worked and as much as the UK gives me constant despair, I am actually really proud of our progress. It’s these celebrations that bring it home to me that there really are worse places you could be living. Not really surprising people are bashing down the door to get here, we all worked fucking hard to get this place so desirable.

So press the play button below, collect some soul food, sit back and for once instead of moaning about what we need to achieve, lets really feel good about just how much we have.

Spliffs optional of course....

Monday, 14 September 2009

Billy the Brit??

I can't stop laughing at this. I actually can't believe it’s real but I still think the BNP party is an elaborate side of my mind playing tricks on me. It’s a regressive part of me just there to remind me of how things use to be, far from a representation of what’s happening now and just couldn’t be. I would find it hard to understand something so preposterous can seriously exist in this country in this day and age. I know I’m not wrong as this video proves it.

You see utter jest .... and where was St George in all of that? Probably getting a kebab...

For all you who don't know the BNP (British National Party) it is a political movement in England (or in my mind) that would prefer Britain to be as pure as possible. Not too keen on immigration, they have no issues with being in the EU or living in other peoples countries, no that's fine, just much prefer if the rest of the world didn't come to the UK and take their jobs and so on.

You see.... makes no sense so it dosn't really exist.

I'm back....

Hello guys

First like to apologise for not being around for a while. Not that I was a prolific blogger but hey my absence was still noticed and I thank you for that. What have I been doing? Getting my daughter off the roof howling at the moon in tense anticipation for her GCSE results. We both wanted these. If you’re a single parent then you will understand what I mean, we both NEEDED them and because she is a very hard working, talented girl, she passed, mummy cried and we continue to move forward not backward or even standing still. And trust me coming from a Guyanese, Christian, Windrush household, forward movement is paramount, especially living in the UK.

My kid lives with her Grandparents and to cut that long story short it’s so she could have the best life and the same life I had as a child. Therefore avoiding my life of domestic violence, copious amounts of drink, homelessness. Shared households with Muslim men (not as fun as that sounds), box rooms with racist neighbours with a hammer as I remember smashing through my door. Bedsits and unavoidable drugs in the rave era (didn’t really have a drug problem just liked taking them). There is more to that story that reveals me to sound less selfish but I’m too happy to dredge up the weepy stuff now but if Thatchers government didn't decree that I had made myself homeless, which I didn't I had a baby for fuck sake, then cut my child support because I wouldn't tell them were my violent ex-partner was....hmm? Can't think why I didn't do that...if the bitch hadn't hated single parents so much, then it may have been a different story, such a different story for a decade of single parents. It was a key time of social change, people weren't getting married as much, single parents were on the rise and morals and values passed by our parents were challenged as religion became a ridiculous paradigm which stopped making any sense in our modern lives and was on it's way out. And who did she blame for this shift in social awareness and punish?....The women.

Never usually hang pictures of my daughter up. Aside from always living in transition, I always felt that I had failed her and that she would look back at me and I would feel guilty and tearful. It's her second week of A levels today, she tells me to stop saying sorry as I have nothing to be sorry about....we had such a great chat on the phone last night and then continued on MSN and I even put her to bed. (Sounds odd but we have our ritual)

I didn't sleep the night following her first day of Sixth Form I was so happy, excited, overwhelmed and breathing a sigh of relief. Looking back at the pictures of her and I living in that god awful damp ridden flat 17 years ago, then making the decision to give her up to my mum, is pain you will never understand unless you have been through it yourself. Comparing that anguish to the utopia I feel now, is simply amazing. She is making her own decisions about her love of music and the piano and is working to go on to University, I can't stop grinning. And as for me, I am getting ready to write my dissertation for my MSc and a proposal for my PhD sat at my office desk, in a wee detached cottage, on an upper middle class rural hill in Scotland. Marx would kill me but after a couple of glasses of Jura Whisky he would soon understand!

I need to buy more picture frames...I'm not afraid of her wee eyes looking back at me....I KNOW we're finally both smiling now and proving Thatcher wrong. Maybe she was an accidental feminist and thats why my story is ending in some success but personally I can't wait for the funeral.

Thursday, 30 July 2009

This may well be the Butterfly effect....

Sudanese woman risks flogging over 'indecent' trousers

I am floored by the determination of this woman (Lubna Ahmed al-Hussein) who has obviously been singled out and harassed...why else would the police enter a private party and arrest people??? Well unless it's a basement party in Brixton...

''A woman journalist is taking on the feared Sudanese morality police to challenge the country’s draconian laws on public dress, insisting on being tried for the crime of wearing trousers in public and risking a punishment of 40 lashes''. Times

She would have had immunity from the lashings as she works for the UN and therefore protected but she chose to resign. Just this heroic act of defiance has highlighted the astonishing strengths women need to go to, in order to be recognised as individuals that want to make their own decisions which would be opposing Sharia law. This is a philosopphy that doesn't favour women and deals out harsh punishment, which the other unprotected by the UN ten women found out. Why the hell are people still being 'flogged' for crimes (used loosely of course) committed? She's on a crusade to get the laws changed there and I don't think her lefty views and attack on the Islamist regime sits to well with Bashir........they can't stop him fixing elections but they can stand and oppose him in every other way possible.

If you want to show her some support click here and let her see she's not alone in her fight.

Wednesday, 29 July 2009

And so it begins.....

Obama 'hates whites': TV host accus
es President after his attack on police for arresting black Harvard professor

Glenn Beck is a man that supports individual gun ownership rights, is the God of the 9/12 Project (very very scary). Past or still struggling with alcohol issues and a Catholic turned Mormon (Yike!!) and an all round shit stirrer. I am all for freedom of speech but if you are going to be vocal at least seek counselling first after that kind of history....

He said: 'This president, I think, has exposed himself as a guy who over and over and over again has a deep-seated hatred for white people or the white culture'.

He was challenged by Fox host Brian Kilmeade who pointed out that most of the people who work for Mr Obama are white and added: 'So you can't say he doesn't like white people'.

Beck replied: 'I'm not saying that he doesn't like white people, I'm saying he has a problem. This guy is, I believe, a racist.'

You can't be a little bit either are, or you're not, it's not on a sliding scale (other wise known as the 'I have friends who are black' syndrome). Such a strong irresponsible accusation, which well in my opinion unfounded, not unless Obama is harbouring deep rooted hate for his ancestry and he's on the turn?.... but you can judge it for your self. I advocate for free speech but it doesn't sit comfortable with me when it is used to incite hatred. For me if you can't justify your claims you shouldn't be allowed to say it, apparently that's libellous, surely?

And in all honesty the sooner the USA can start talking about the colours in their country openly, preferably to each other and pull down that limiting, over sympathetic, redundant, PC barrier the sooner you will actually be able to cope with the reality of having a black President. It really shouldn't be such a big deal but it will continue to be used by opposition to stir racial hatred and that doesn't take much in such a an undefined volatile continent.

Black Obama needs to start defining himself as a leader, transcend the easy stereotype and start working on New Orleans or he could be left with the legacy of just being know as the black man that hung out in the white house....hurry up.....their mocking you already!

Sunday, 12 July 2009

The Mothers' pay gap

So this is done and dusted now is it? There is no gender gap in the UK but it is now known as the mothers' pay gap, which has been neatly subsidised through Child Benefit, Working Tax Credit and Child Tax credit. Well if Tim Worstall has made these conclusions, then us single working mothers should (yes I've used the s-word) be happy we are getting our subsidy and get on with it.

But in all honesty on that platform, I can argue the point no further. I have looked at the stats and they pretty much give the argument solidity. But this doesn't mean I close the Guardian and get on with my day excepting that the married middle classes have put me in my place once again. There is a problem that needs to be addressed and it’s not about improvements on the welfare system, it's about improvements to the self worth of women living on the bare minimum, within low income jobs or on welfare with children.

The career break is an issue, an issue that mainly effects single women with children, If experience counts then anyone that takes time out from work will be short of it. But what is the root problem we need to address here? If women choose to have kids, of course that is fine, but alas you can't have your cake and eat it. You can't be a full time parent and expect to walk into a job at three time the national average income the moment you decide to return to work, I accept that. But for me this is why the gap is not simply addressed with a bung from extra tax credits. The basic problem is family's remain in poverty even after re-entry into work.

Relative or real most ordinary people don't really give a stuff about being a high flyer, what they care about most is not being poor. There is a possibility that this problem is not new and the only reason we are aware of it is because we have fixed all the other pressing issues and now looking at the welfare state in order to reform it, this problem has revealed itself to be apparent.

There is also the possibility of something deeper going on in society. Women could actually be disengaging, the beginnings of a genuine paradigm shift in attitudes to work and wealth that is leading some sections of society, not just women alone, to turn away from traditional notions of success and worth and back to a more traditional view of what is valuable. I guess if we see a growth in the birth rate over the next ten years this would offer some support for this idea.

I feel like I’m suggesting that women have started a decline from the initial equality sort, maybe because its just too bloody hard to have children then fight to get a decent wage to feed them, so they just make do, except their self imposed fate. The stats may say there is not an inequality and that we have dealt with the shortfall to their wages by bunging them money but living on welfare or low wage sucks, I know, because as always I've been there.

How about offering single parents specifically, who take large periods away from work the opportunity for free open-learning to bring their skills back up and I mean recognised qualification, subsidised by local businesses? I don't know I'm still working on that idea. And pay no attention to people who say degrees don't matter, most of those people who say that have either got one, or have worked in the same job or within the same industry for years. Degrees bloody matter, if you enter into the job market as a graduate you are paid more and have more of an opportunity to enter a variety of fields. Without it you are gravely limited, I cite this by being unemployed at present in Scotland. Scotland takes no prisoners. When it comes to education here its free and they reward you if you take that free option, with a decent starting wage but if you don't, they hand you a vulnerable role in local industry and services. And at the moment it's grim because this recession has attacked those businesses first.

There will be more men in high paying jobs, as the majority of women take the role of looking after the children for large periods of time, there are also a lot more single mums out there as well. So yeah ok, statistically there isn't a wage gap....there is a Mothers' pay gap but I think the way to get people out of that low income poverty trap is education, a very obvious conclusion yes....but why arn't we doing it then instead of bunging tax credits at it, it needs a long term solution not means tested resolve?

Monday, 6 July 2009

I wish I had something else that pissed me off as much...

....but I don't and so I guess I'm just going to keep on highlighting the twats that call themselves the BNP and the amazing calibre of their support.

These interviewed beauties originate from the stylish magazine called VICE. I had to keep checking to make sure this was not something they made up, just for me, in order to make my Monday better. So far it seems totally bonafide, crikey why wouldn't it be???!! Throw a Paratha in the air and you'll hit someone with these kind of I exaggerate?

I live in Scotland......there are some areas in which when the residence see me, then hear me talk, you can see the utter turmoil on their faces and the questions flickering at the rate of poppers in their eyes...'do I attack the English part of her first or call her a nigger?'...if a facial expression could stutter, I do believe those were the thoughts that were causing it.......such fun to witness, if I didn't think I'd get stabbed I seriously would tweak their noses and say 'there there'.

Anyway these are the sexy BNP lady supporters, below are some extracts from the interviews. They have obviously studied their parties policies and have formulated amazing understandings of the ideologies and paradigm in which they follow. This is shown through masterful questions and well thought out prompts by VICE....

When people say the BNP is a fascist party, what do you think?
Fascist – I don’t understand that word.

Think of Nazi Germany, or 1930s Italy.
I can’t even remember when that happened really, but I’m against them anyway.

You’re against who?
The Germans. I know that sounds evil… I was brought up that way.

But not the Nazis?
No, I don’t agree with that at all.

(Fuck me! A free video should come with BNP membership 'This is England'? Maybe... *smiles*)

So what nationality would you most like to be waited-on by as a servant class?
Oh God, there’s a few. There’s a couple I would, but I can’t really pinpoint one.

Go on.
I don’t know. Chinese maybe?

Sure thing. What ethnicity would you most like to make love to?
Oh, God, British.

Outside of that?
Say… black.


So you agree with the BNP’s send-em-back policies?


But would it be possible to maybe come to a compromise with a noble race like the Chinese? Perhaps keep them on as a sort of servant class?
Yeah. I wouldn’t mind them if they actually worked and didn’t take all of our jobs, basically. I wouldn’t mind them if they contributed something to this country.

What nationality would you most like to keep on in the UK?
African, because my nana’s African. She was a white African from somewhere next to Cape Town. She moved back here in 1987 or something. My granddad was in the RAF over there and she came back with him.

At this point I lit a ciggerrette...recognised my age and that awful tired feeling you get when you realise just how some things are never going to change....I remember as a kid seeing that same look on the faces of my Windrush parents when we were running from the Brixton all makes sense now. Ahhh the NF where are they now? Oh yeah hemimetabolism occured.

This doesn't need a big sprawling diologue dilberating over the necessity for multicultural integration education. Or resolve on how to work out citizanship in diverse socieites or even the supposed worry about the splatterings of followers the BNP is attracting. Pick a decade in the UK unchallenged by these issues....and if you find one, then you are obviously an immigrant that hasn't got a clue, come over to this country with your hope and qualifications, what do you know eh? On the face of it these girls are horribly lost and lacking identity, I hardly think thats anything to do with being a confused by-product of a Labour infection? Socialisation, education, class, socio-economics... are major factors for this level of ignorance. For me this has always been here and always will be.

When Obama became President, people stopped me in the street and wanted to talk to me about how amazed and brilliant they thought this event was...a BLACK President! 'Haven't we come so far'? Doesn't that embarrass you a little bit? Should you really be celebrating the fact it took you so fucking long to treat another culture as your equal? I honestly think you should keep your head down and start working out if he is actually any good at politics, rather than party at the fact you don't need to opress his kind anymore....notice some of the blacks amongst you are looking indignant mouthing the words, 'well would you look at us all 'free at last'. I wrote my first activist letter to The Sun paper at twelve years old, I'm thirty-eight and still writing about the same issue. Those girls are a product of an international disease that has haunted certain cultures for years and that is the inability to develop at the same rate as the North of the world......but that is a rather complex argument and will be voiced in another blog.

Anyway enough of my ranting. Click on the pic and have a read for won't upset you initially. It made me laugh loads....but then I experienced that look I saw on my parents faces and felt the Windrush.

Thursday, 23 April 2009

The BNP..........Left or Right.....?

This will be a big bit of work and I am excited at the potential discussions it is hopefully going to produce.

But I'm a writer and a student....these things take this space.....!

Saturday, 18 April 2009

The Cunt that Jacq built.....

Waves to Meltwater!! In order to support the cunt campaign of OH.....

last call for Jacqui Smith....

I far from wanted to jump on, the off Centre band wagon of Labour bashing but I'm going to have to agree. I'm pissed off at anyone with more property than they need (yes is theft!!) but if you can't actually afford such a life style, what makes you think I should enable your disillusioned, self-deception of supposed deserved wealth. When I can't afford to shop at Waitrose, I make do with the's what the ordinary class do, we don't have expenses.

And frankly, I'm a woman that has been fighting for equality with men all my life. I'm no feminist, their a bit too vicious and hairy for me.....and seriously, we should of known when to stop pushing when we shred a decade of men of their identity.. (can't think why their are so many single mothers....? twats)

So with that in mind, I'm obviously not prepared to pay for her husbands porn. Most sensible people stream their porn then delete the cookies, erase the history, then wipe themselves down, happy that it's their dirty little secret (obviously depending on just how Catholic you were!!). And in this current climate, of Big Brother blatant, intrusive activities conducted by his wife's Government, you can be prosecuted for looking at a shemale with a school uniform on....hmmm? would make good sense to cover your tracks!!

But noooo... not only, is he announcing his wife doesn't cut it in the bedroom anymore but he hands the bill to her and the dumb arse then puts it's through Government expenses!!.... You and your husband are taking the piss out of all of us. We, who quietly, would turn off the porn and slumber in post wank bliss, but you announce it to Parliament the Times and subsequently your!

So Jacqui..... as your husband treats you as his pimp.....for manipulating false status.....not doing the job you have been paid to do..(domestic violence, prostitution, MET wanker police, cannabis reclassification....fucking genius).

Ian Tomlinson.........need I say more?

The mere fact that you haven't resigned before any further embarrassment is revealed to you as a woman.......shocking failure as the first female home secretary, who could have made a significant impact for have let the sisters down terribly and obviously forgot why you became an MP.....

so for all this, indisputably..........

you are the cunt....that you built...!

Thursday, 2 April 2009

I'm nearly ready..........

After looking around at the blogs that are out there...I think I shall continue to take my time on my particular styling and topics.

It gets a bit boring hearing a hundred angry views on the G20....I'm quite frankly no longer listening and lets be serious we all just want a street fight between the bankers and the sandal that I would pay for....with love beads of course.

The angry aggressive boys and the shrewd glass ceiling smashing chicks, are becoming my reading norm. Bullshit and BAFTA'S. I was wowed initially by these bloggards, but now I distinctly need to clear out my 'following' list and start is far better to be the change you want to see in the world, rather than be the totalitarianist driving it's destruction, with your vanity and self celebratory blogging and in blog fighting. Is this where failing comes to boost it's ego? Or is it where ego's come to boast their limited effectiveness.

I'm kind of hoping some of them will finally put those badly chosen careers out here to die......and give the talented underground writers their ball back......I'm not interested in popular and have little understanding of just what purpose celebrity is....I do know, I don't give a shit about this spangly inbreeding on telly, hence the absence of my having one and I sure as hell don't want to hear what you did with your mate Elton John at the weekend......or watch you publicly die of every day diseases.....and then they award their dead??? For what exactly?

Nope.....I think I'll always I'm in no rush

Sunday, 8 February 2009

Just thought I would start with a poem .....just to set the tone...

Keeping Quiet

Now we will count to twelve
and we will all keep still.

This one time upon the earth,
let's not speak any language,
let's stop for one second,
and not move our arms so much.

It would be a delicious moment,
without hurry, without locomotives,
all of us would be together
in a sudden uneasiness.

The fishermen in the cold sea
would do no harm to the whales
and the peasant gathering salt
would look at his torn hands.

Those who prepare green wars,
wars of gas, wars of fire,
victories without survivors,
would put on clean clothing
and would walk alongside their brothers
in the shade, without doing a thing.

What I want shouldn't be confused
with final inactivity:
life alone is what matters,
I want nothing to do with death.

If we weren't unanimous
about keeping our lives so much in motion,

if we could do nothing for once,
perhaps a great silence would
interrupt this sadness,
this never understanding ourselves
and threatening ourselves with death,
perhaps the earth is teaching us
when everything seems to be dead
and then everything is alive.

Now I will count to twelve
and you keep quiet and I'll go. Pablo Neruda

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