Thursday, 30 July 2009

This may well be the Butterfly effect....

Sudanese woman risks flogging over 'indecent' trousers

I am floored by the determination of this woman (Lubna Ahmed al-Hussein) who has obviously been singled out and harassed...why else would the police enter a private party and arrest people??? Well unless it's a basement party in Brixton...

''A woman journalist is taking on the feared Sudanese morality police to challenge the country’s draconian laws on public dress, insisting on being tried for the crime of wearing trousers in public and risking a punishment of 40 lashes''. Times

She would have had immunity from the lashings as she works for the UN and therefore protected but she chose to resign. Just this heroic act of defiance has highlighted the astonishing strengths women need to go to, in order to be recognised as individuals that want to make their own decisions which would be opposing Sharia law. This is a philosopphy that doesn't favour women and deals out harsh punishment, which the other unprotected by the UN ten women found out. Why the hell are people still being 'flogged' for crimes (used loosely of course) committed? She's on a crusade to get the laws changed there and I don't think her lefty views and attack on the Islamist regime sits to well with Bashir........they can't stop him fixing elections but they can stand and oppose him in every other way possible.

If you want to show her some support click here and let her see she's not alone in her fight.



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