Thursday, 7 January 2010


Well just as I promised this blog is closing first ever blog has seen me grow through to my last year at Uniy, well there is more research to do and my readers have grown in number hence the new blog but I shall continue with that verse on my new website.

Thank you all for following reading and shouting at me in the comments's been interesting to see how to manipulate reaction and play devils advocate in places....I hope you realise this was my training wheels, I am ready to go mental now that I know who all the big players are.

So it's down to you....this could be your time to escape, which is fair enough...i'll miss you and thank you..but I'll replace ya or you can come and join me in my more palatial home.. (hmmm? bit aspirational of me, Marx would not be impressed…. but he's dead and so is the ideology…well in excecutionable terms)

My new website is hit the join button and feed my fragile ego. In advance I apologise it is in it's early stages but I am learning CSS and slowly but surely the full extent of what I am trying to achieve will be revealed. Ok I'm going to stop now as I feel myself turning into a despot ....and we have enough of them in the blogsphere.

See you over the other side......

p.s Mark you don't get rid of me that easy.....I'm still around !!

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