Thursday, 24 December 2009

Merry Xmas? Of course it is....

I have just….? I want to say crawled or stumbled but no, I walked up the stairs really well, in heels, without singing anything from the eighties, nor did I vomit or shag the nearest single cell. I don’t actually feel dull, middle aged or wanting….it’s a strangely nice feeling. Fuck it ….!! I may have the happenings of a grown up occurring…I will combat this with a disgustingly inappropriate seventy year old boob job …no, wait! even better, something not to cryptic with the lower level love palace…something to do with ’whistling whilst I walk’..(sorry)….What’s that? Yes fair enough I may be a wee bit squiffy. Nevertheless! Quick sum up…

Scotland? Well some council offices have been banned from putting Xmas decorations up because of health and safety......? As my friend said this, I saw blood being drawn up from the nail she was biting…she didn’t notice, I chose not to notice but suggested black pudding for her lunch. Although they were not permitted to have their Xmas lunch as they were told that the public would resent them for it….she told me to stop biting my nails…

It took me ages, to work out why the Scottish people grimaced every time I proclaimed love for Frankie Boyle... On 'Ellen MacArthur...How many times is she going to sail around the world before she realises that she's a lesbian?'

Nothing to do with Scotland or anything else.....damn funny though..

On other news England on an evolutionary scale is doomed in it's efforts for and safety and the nanny state coupled with babysitting the benefit class will produce a generation with a distinct inability to compete with the rest of the world but with a government(s) that has (will) have (had? That’s getting difficult now). The petty abilities to cheat lie and steal and lets face it no one can do a damn thing about it, gawd blog them for trying…but at least it was exposed…*coughs* to a certain degree…you know they are government and ummm? who the hell are you?

Crikey when I think about it summing up could take some time… I can’t succinct Africa, Obama, Palestine, Food aid, Libertarians, BNP and why I sill have these heels on?

Tell you what….I’m changing my blog (now becoming a website....look at me thinking I'm special) to something a bit more *sighs* sophisticated, possibly more grown up early next year. Feel I should pay more respect to the study and research I’m doing, probably have less swearing and a bit more academic content (maybe)…anyway if you choose to stay…. I shall still be angry and continue on the theme but with a wee bit more activism, no point talking about it if you don’t start doing something about it eh? I HATE desktop politicians…they don’t DO anything but moan….I’m in the mood to challenge, I must be because I still haven’t taken these damn heels off, I have size eight feet… it’s not a good look on a futon.

I’m in London (I could hear you asking), drove down from Scotland earlier, if you live in the UK you will now be looking at me as your triumphant goddess. You name a weather system today and I stood bold de-iced and conquered. I one the battle and the battle was good. So after all that violence I am relaxing after a lush meal in Charing Cross, in a pleasant flat in Hampstead. I love London because it has such good food it has so many beautiful colours and I mean the people….I have no idea what the fuck anyone is saying, it’s lovely…… but three four hours in…I remember why I left. Us Londoners are such wankers, we really think WAY too much of ourselves and really think every one else is interested in the fact, we know someone that has done something in a discipline YOU couldn’t possibly understand but will definitely envy. The worse thing is, it’s now coming from the F1 generation… Uber Farquhar mitosis!

One more thing...if you are going to literally buy into this holiday, can you make it last at least more than one day!...Everyone moans about how much it costs...spread the cost out people, oh hold on or stop buying utter nonsense that no one really needs and stuffing your face stupid with an overfed bird and cheese covered carbs. Does nobody but me find this annual practice weird? Seriously what is the tree about? Jesus and Santa? And the inability to say no....we’ll just take the holiday without the nonsensical crap please …continuing to lie to children in this capitalist manner can not be healthy? I know I know…you have heard it all before….but yet it continues…

Ummm? Anyway, enjoy this tinselly time, don’t make any resolutions and if you feel you need to give up drinking every new year…..that’s probably because you have a far deeper rooted issue than you think…

Sorry what I meant to say was HAVE A WONDERFUL XMAS !! HAVE A HAPPY NEW YEAR (sometimes known as the next day)

And thanks for reading ‘x’

(wow that's me in a good mood)

Wednesday, 9 December 2009

Provocation and munipulation USA take back your missionaries

Would you mind clicking below…it won’t take long, I just need to talk to you about something...

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'KAMPALA, Uganda - Proposed legislation would impose the death penalty for some gay Ugandans, and their family and friends could face up to seven years in jail if they fail to report them to authorities. Even landlords could be imprisoned for renting to homosexuals.'

You are fucking joking right? American fundamentalists pissing on yet another region in a distant land….I’m confused…did the planes hitting the WTC not send out a big enough warning of what could possibly happen if you continually keep oppressing infiltrating and generally fucking over people you have no right to be around? It does question why the hell you feel you have the right to exact a campaign on countries with the heading ‘it’s a war on terror’…..when you are the constant or establisher of the damn terror.

I suggest we stop being apathetic and possibly turn around to the idiots provoking the possible onslaught. How fucking dare you?….Scott lively Don Schmierer Caleb Lee Brundidge and the Rev Jim Garlow …Mike Tidmus has given the background to these idiots here. Homophobic religious freaks, I want to go so far as to say racists as well. This is inciting the killing of people regarding their sexual preference you can't do that in America, why did they choose Uganda?? Maybe it's because Uganda is easy prey as they are not very fond of their gay population and have developed a bill suggesting that gay people should be put to death or have life imprisonment and like most governments pick and choose their values as and when it suits.

Uganda"s ethics minister, James Nsaba Buturo, said the death sentence clause would probably be reviewed but maintained the law was necessary to counter ''foreign influence'' (oh please). He said homosexuality "is not natural in Uganda," a view echoed by some Ugandans

The bill isn't new but the part the named Americans have to play in it is...if you want to have a read you will find it here entitled THE ANTI HOMOSEXUALITY BILL. 2009.... well it's to the point at least. Can you imagine waking up in the morning only to realise your life is at risk because of your DNA? Mince at your peril?? People can not turn off the gay gene.... bill reform or not they will continue to be targets from the people who feel threatened by their way of life and with the confidence that the law is on their side.

This is a reactionary piece...although I have sat on it for several days and I give a graceful curtsey to @fokiesd for giving me a heads up on it. The men in question have backed down in their involvement for obvious reasons. And the bill is supposedly under review. But I think the problem with fighting against humanitarian breeches is the resistance you find for cultures to recognise that their sometimes violent discrimination, infringes on a persons right to live freely without fear but hey.. I guess that's what's intended. They genuinely feel that gay people threaten the family structure and value. Maybe the Uganda government now recognises they are being watched but 'David Bahati, the legislator sponsoring the bill, said he was encouraging

"constructive criticism" to improve the law, but insisted strict measures were necessary to stop homosexuals from "recruiting" schoolchildren.'

WHAT??? But this is not in isolation Nigeria Kenya and Rwanda are places discriminating against homosexuals as well. It's bad enough their governments are doing it to their own people, they do not need manipulation and provocation from the homophobics in the rest of the world. Africa is seriously messed up as it is without the missionaries coming back to finish off the fucking job!


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