Thursday, 23 April 2009

The BNP..........Left or Right.....?

This will be a big bit of work and I am excited at the potential discussions it is hopefully going to produce.

But I'm a writer and a student....these things take this space.....!

Saturday, 18 April 2009

The Cunt that Jacq built.....

Waves to Meltwater!! In order to support the cunt campaign of OH.....

last call for Jacqui Smith....

I far from wanted to jump on, the off Centre band wagon of Labour bashing but I'm going to have to agree. I'm pissed off at anyone with more property than they need (yes is theft!!) but if you can't actually afford such a life style, what makes you think I should enable your disillusioned, self-deception of supposed deserved wealth. When I can't afford to shop at Waitrose, I make do with the's what the ordinary class do, we don't have expenses.

And frankly, I'm a woman that has been fighting for equality with men all my life. I'm no feminist, their a bit too vicious and hairy for me.....and seriously, we should of known when to stop pushing when we shred a decade of men of their identity.. (can't think why their are so many single mothers....? twats)

So with that in mind, I'm obviously not prepared to pay for her husbands porn. Most sensible people stream their porn then delete the cookies, erase the history, then wipe themselves down, happy that it's their dirty little secret (obviously depending on just how Catholic you were!!). And in this current climate, of Big Brother blatant, intrusive activities conducted by his wife's Government, you can be prosecuted for looking at a shemale with a school uniform on....hmmm? would make good sense to cover your tracks!!

But noooo... not only, is he announcing his wife doesn't cut it in the bedroom anymore but he hands the bill to her and the dumb arse then puts it's through Government expenses!!.... You and your husband are taking the piss out of all of us. We, who quietly, would turn off the porn and slumber in post wank bliss, but you announce it to Parliament the Times and subsequently your!

So Jacqui..... as your husband treats you as his pimp.....for manipulating false status.....not doing the job you have been paid to do..(domestic violence, prostitution, MET wanker police, cannabis reclassification....fucking genius).

Ian Tomlinson.........need I say more?

The mere fact that you haven't resigned before any further embarrassment is revealed to you as a woman.......shocking failure as the first female home secretary, who could have made a significant impact for have let the sisters down terribly and obviously forgot why you became an MP.....

so for all this, indisputably..........

you are the cunt....that you built...!

Thursday, 2 April 2009

I'm nearly ready..........

After looking around at the blogs that are out there...I think I shall continue to take my time on my particular styling and topics.

It gets a bit boring hearing a hundred angry views on the G20....I'm quite frankly no longer listening and lets be serious we all just want a street fight between the bankers and the sandal that I would pay for....with love beads of course.

The angry aggressive boys and the shrewd glass ceiling smashing chicks, are becoming my reading norm. Bullshit and BAFTA'S. I was wowed initially by these bloggards, but now I distinctly need to clear out my 'following' list and start is far better to be the change you want to see in the world, rather than be the totalitarianist driving it's destruction, with your vanity and self celebratory blogging and in blog fighting. Is this where failing comes to boost it's ego? Or is it where ego's come to boast their limited effectiveness.

I'm kind of hoping some of them will finally put those badly chosen careers out here to die......and give the talented underground writers their ball back......I'm not interested in popular and have little understanding of just what purpose celebrity is....I do know, I don't give a shit about this spangly inbreeding on telly, hence the absence of my having one and I sure as hell don't want to hear what you did with your mate Elton John at the weekend......or watch you publicly die of every day diseases.....and then they award their dead??? For what exactly?

Nope.....I think I'll always I'm in no rush

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