Monday, 6 July 2009

I wish I had something else that pissed me off as much...

....but I don't and so I guess I'm just going to keep on highlighting the twats that call themselves the BNP and the amazing calibre of their support.

These interviewed beauties originate from the stylish magazine called VICE. I had to keep checking to make sure this was not something they made up, just for me, in order to make my Monday better. So far it seems totally bonafide, crikey why wouldn't it be???!! Throw a Paratha in the air and you'll hit someone with these kind of I exaggerate?

I live in Scotland......there are some areas in which when the residence see me, then hear me talk, you can see the utter turmoil on their faces and the questions flickering at the rate of poppers in their eyes...'do I attack the English part of her first or call her a nigger?'...if a facial expression could stutter, I do believe those were the thoughts that were causing it.......such fun to witness, if I didn't think I'd get stabbed I seriously would tweak their noses and say 'there there'.

Anyway these are the sexy BNP lady supporters, below are some extracts from the interviews. They have obviously studied their parties policies and have formulated amazing understandings of the ideologies and paradigm in which they follow. This is shown through masterful questions and well thought out prompts by VICE....

When people say the BNP is a fascist party, what do you think?
Fascist – I don’t understand that word.

Think of Nazi Germany, or 1930s Italy.
I can’t even remember when that happened really, but I’m against them anyway.

You’re against who?
The Germans. I know that sounds evil… I was brought up that way.

But not the Nazis?
No, I don’t agree with that at all.

(Fuck me! A free video should come with BNP membership 'This is England'? Maybe... *smiles*)

So what nationality would you most like to be waited-on by as a servant class?
Oh God, there’s a few. There’s a couple I would, but I can’t really pinpoint one.

Go on.
I don’t know. Chinese maybe?

Sure thing. What ethnicity would you most like to make love to?
Oh, God, British.

Outside of that?
Say… black.


So you agree with the BNP’s send-em-back policies?


But would it be possible to maybe come to a compromise with a noble race like the Chinese? Perhaps keep them on as a sort of servant class?
Yeah. I wouldn’t mind them if they actually worked and didn’t take all of our jobs, basically. I wouldn’t mind them if they contributed something to this country.

What nationality would you most like to keep on in the UK?
African, because my nana’s African. She was a white African from somewhere next to Cape Town. She moved back here in 1987 or something. My granddad was in the RAF over there and she came back with him.

At this point I lit a ciggerrette...recognised my age and that awful tired feeling you get when you realise just how some things are never going to change....I remember as a kid seeing that same look on the faces of my Windrush parents when we were running from the Brixton all makes sense now. Ahhh the NF where are they now? Oh yeah hemimetabolism occured.

This doesn't need a big sprawling diologue dilberating over the necessity for multicultural integration education. Or resolve on how to work out citizanship in diverse socieites or even the supposed worry about the splatterings of followers the BNP is attracting. Pick a decade in the UK unchallenged by these issues....and if you find one, then you are obviously an immigrant that hasn't got a clue, come over to this country with your hope and qualifications, what do you know eh? On the face of it these girls are horribly lost and lacking identity, I hardly think thats anything to do with being a confused by-product of a Labour infection? Socialisation, education, class, socio-economics... are major factors for this level of ignorance. For me this has always been here and always will be.

When Obama became President, people stopped me in the street and wanted to talk to me about how amazed and brilliant they thought this event was...a BLACK President! 'Haven't we come so far'? Doesn't that embarrass you a little bit? Should you really be celebrating the fact it took you so fucking long to treat another culture as your equal? I honestly think you should keep your head down and start working out if he is actually any good at politics, rather than party at the fact you don't need to opress his kind anymore....notice some of the blacks amongst you are looking indignant mouthing the words, 'well would you look at us all 'free at last'. I wrote my first activist letter to The Sun paper at twelve years old, I'm thirty-eight and still writing about the same issue. Those girls are a product of an international disease that has haunted certain cultures for years and that is the inability to develop at the same rate as the North of the world......but that is a rather complex argument and will be voiced in another blog.

Anyway enough of my ranting. Click on the pic and have a read for won't upset you initially. It made me laugh loads....but then I experienced that look I saw on my parents faces and felt the Windrush.


  1. Are you really thirty-eight? I had the impression that you were a lot younger than that.


    Dur hur hur.

  3. Wow MW that is not a sentence that can make anyone feel at ease. What are you saying? My critical analysis for the world I live in is immature?

  4. Well you look a lot younger than 38 for a start ;).

    Incidentally, I would not touch the flag-draped BNP bint with a stolen cock; I feel itchy just looking at her.

  5. Thank you so much for posting this, and all your blogs. Brilliant work - keep it up!



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