Saturday, 7 November 2009

The language of racism is both overt and covert .

I am not a racist, nor have I ever been and I have no intentions of becoming one, I’m just not that bothered. Not to mention if you have seen the skin colour of my daughter niece and nephew you’ll probably see it would just serve to confuse the whole family if I took this stance in life, especially around Christmas time. I’m also not overly sensitive about being black, I laugh at people that need to use derogatory language to describe a race* although the use of the word darkie does get my back up a bit. It kind of assumes that the norm is white and that bugs me. It bugs me especially as it is a term that is becoming popular again. If I say I don’t like it then I am told I am being too sensitive and it’s just a term that’s used to mock political issues say in regard with the BNP or immigration and in the way the government handles these issues. And that makes sense how? Well because everything is Labours fault isn’t it? I think it’s an avoidance strategy commonly used to rationalise discrimination such as denial and omission you know like those weird people that say the holocaust never happened…...

These people also - and I would have to agree - despise political correctness, a term born from the pen of Arnold Bennett who was a liberal socialist (whatever the hell that means). All it has created is anger and hostility, it went too far and too many groups spewing petty ridiculous needs ‘for justice and equality’ popped up and the natives got sick of it. I am going to have to agree, some people played the race card, I have witnessed it and he gained £10 000. This was within an NGO which was solely set up to help people in the minority…how dumb twisted ignorant and appalling I find that man…..a black man.

So anyway I have decided after reading many blogs that innocently incite animosity towards minorities by using these terms all jokingly like…you know like Bernard Manning and Jim Davis did because they were funny weren’t they? I get the feeling that these people are fighting back and feeling they are not being treated fairly and with discrimination. Why are they always blamed and have to be punished or have to pay for the darkies disgruntlement’s or inabilities to stay in their own war torn countries. I’m watching the continuing anger against the UK government gather pace, people not only needing their identity back but also want to preserve the resources of their land for themselves their taxes pay for it after all. Completely understandable really but hold on the darkies pay taxes too don’t they? But you are right I’m just being over sensitive….

*Race and it’s definition… that’s a future conversation.
I'll tell you who those people are soon.....though if you read the usual blogs you would know....


  1. Well said. Man`s a tribal being at heart, so we naturally note differences, tend to be suspicious of others, and to nurse perceived slights. The growth of government seems to be exacerbating everything.

    I remember being astonished at seeing that same toothpaste in HK in 1984. Last time I saw it - 2002 - it was renamed "Darlie".

  2. Hello Oleanna....i too have noticed the increase in ¨Darkie¨ especially in comments of certain sites.

    It don`t bother me much,its a childish way of having a dig without being openly hostile in most cases i believe,

    In fact I enjoy drawing them out and taking them to task,what with the BNP full of beans there is plenty of sport in the blogsphere for me.Hahahahaha

  3. Hey TokyoTom

    Excuse my late reply...yes I noticed it had been renamed. The thing is I have no problem with the past being so truculent...because on the whole it has passed and serves as a great measure of how to quantify our now.

    But even with a tenebrous government it's no excuse to start slipping backwards.

    Hey Stan

    it's these certain sites where I know they are doing it to gets them noticed, it will back fire...I will make sure of that.

    And BNP(ers) just will not engage with me, it is so frustrating, I want to understand them but they either deny their support of the views of Clegg or just block me.

    Sport !! Hell yeah, see you on the pitch...

  4. You must be hugely offended by America's proportionate and calm reaction to one bit of photoshopping, then?

  5. It's amazing that stuff like that really did exist at one time...

  6. No clown I'm not offended by the graphical technique.....but lets stop being silly… America was then… what is the excuse now in the so called desired libertarian UK?

    Are the blacks still Moors? Shall we just go back to inane name calling? I like what the Libertarians are saying…. But why are you isolating me?

    So many people are truly fucked off with the left and right bull shit….Truly the one thing that turns around and offers a palatable alternative seems to be full of taunts of us and them, ….how can I support something that continues to tell me I’m not involved….I love what you guys are saying but apparently I’m a darkie? How is this for me then?

    I’m confused..

  7. Organic Meatbag << nice name by the way

    It continues..... just less obvious...



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