Tuesday, 10 November 2009

It's Vegan month......relax I'm unarmed.....

Yes amongst all the other annoying attributes to this embodiment called me, I am also a vegetarian but relax and get your finger off the deletion button, I am not one of those with an issue or hidden agenda. HONEST ! And I don't eat chicken or fish and for fuck sake PLEASE stop giving me mushroom risotto.
I am a true vegetarian but do have refined taste.

I don't wear any animal product but have no issue with you wearing them or eating them...let me put it this way, can I ponse into the tribes of South America, Africa and various with that decadent idealism about the welfare of animals? Eat the meat but take your lessons from cultural ecology. You will find the tribes know how to rear and slaughter superiorly better than the over farming diseased animals of the West. Nice shoes...how’s your second head working out for you? I'm not preaching, I'm saying nothing you are not aware of.

I promise, I will not caress you with doey eyed subtlety then hit you with a speech about global warming, then threaten you with constant stream of boycott pledges or sign this petition tact. I only wear sandals because my feet are HA-UGE...and if it wasn't for your gob filled streets, I wouldn't wear any. I find the best way to impart is by action, my own action, the hope is to follow by example not by superficial efforts. I vehemently despise sycophants, obsequiousness and platitudes, nothing but your vanity is served and I'm 38, I have no time to stroke your fragile egos, I need to do, not talk. My learning is in education for sustainability and believe it or not, it is far from the blame game, more to do with balance and own resolve. Well at least this is how I choose to interpret it and take it forward.

The issue with climate change seems to be easy for the Northern part of the world to pick up and discard so easily because we are not feeling the affects of it as readily. It’s a bit more stable and progressive up here although winter is here again and we shall see which parts of the UK flood this year. Anyway I'll give critical analysis of the Copenhagen Conference and climate change in December. In the meantime I just wanted to highlight a beautiful happening in India because as a student of development and sustainability and a recently employed International developer, I feel it is my duty to quiet down those damn god like tax payers, with some truly astounding and successful development stories.

Most of you ofay with sustainability or international development issues would have heard this news but for those who haven’t, I am very excited about it:-

The barefoot solar engineers

'The Ministry of Non-Conventional Energy Sources, the European Commission and the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) support the Barefoot Solar Engineering programme. It is implemented by the Barefoot College, also known as the Social Work Research Centre or SWRC, an NGO based in Tilonia, Rajasthan. Set up by noted social worker Bunker Roy, the Barefoot College addresses community problems by building upon people's skills and placing the solutions in their own hands.' (cited on a click of the pic)

I think we all fully understand that aid is not the answer to the crisis in the continuing changes of the climate….and if we can simply move the politics out of the way of human suffering, we could possibly establish the best way to prevent unnecessary death.

As above we can plainly see educating people to sustain their lives is needed and evidently justified. Granted it may be by us (the rest of the developed (Northern) world), which personally I have no problem with. I am curious to know thoughts and views as to how we can change established funding though, as aid has suffered recently because of the depletion in the world wide coiffeurs (worries me that governments will cut back in aid but continue with weapons and unnecessary wars).

I personally want local farmers to be able to provide in and around their region… aid takes this away from their trade, which disables the countries independence, development and obvious progress. Hmmm? There is the argument that money can and has been made by big business dealing with famine…. No never ..unthinkable…think of the children..

Anyway my PhD proposal is focused around the free market, Fairtrade, agricultural investment…and seriously is GM an option?? How do we build up the economy within certain regions so those damn constant moaning taxpayers can stop complaining about their need for bin men to collect on time without spillage..?? You can see my binde?. Ideas and comments will be gladly welcomed especially the constructive negatives.


  1. Hello again Oleuanna...yes i spelt your name right this time...and there`s me trying to make a good impression and spelling your name wrong DOH!

    Where was i....ahh yes vegan eh! well i never buy meat,but i do fish and shoot and i eat them,not often mind about once a week,seeing people cramming filth like Mc Ds , Kentucky Fried Shit and factory farmed meat in their fat gobs makes me wretch..

    I have a veggie patch and two hens,i try to sustain myself as much as possible,if only the majority of people would instead of consuming and wasting at a furious pace i think not only would people be healthier but happier too and appreciate things more.

    I brew my own beer and make my own wine too...perhaps i could tempt you to joining me for a glass hahahaha.

  2. Somebody who doesn't eat meat etc is a Vegan.

    Somebody who likes gambling and lives in Nevada is a Las Vegan.

    Somebody who will punch you in the face and then call you 'mate' is Glaswegian.

  3. Hey! Following your from blogcatalog.com
    I have just been reading through your site and have to say it is excellent,love your style of writing.

  4. Stan you are amazing and living the dream by the sounds of it......I live on a farm (not mine I wouldn't know the first thing about it) so I don't envy your chickens....but the beer...bow your talking.

    I want to make my own cider but I think i'll wait till i move to France for my lieelt plot of sustainability...and yes I will take you up on that offer....all you have to say is beer to me...sad but true...

    Oh Wandsworth...they don't say mate up herre they say 'pal'

    and sukphichai......I didn't see you on my follow list so I am unable to look at your work...if you pop back please post a link. And wow what generous words you use...thank you just wish I was a bit more consistent....talk soon

  5. i have to agree with sukphichai .... great writing
    thanks for sharing

  6. Thanks Largs I am very flattered and welmcome you to my often colourful site. I hope to keep it up...and as I think I have said to you love your unusual site and shall circulate the Rock Doctors via twitter.....

    Chat soon...

  7. thanks for read the article
    very nice

  8. Stan wants to push his cheesy wheelbarrow along the muddy russet furrows of Oleuanna's perineum... what a cliffhanger.



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