Saturday, 7 November 2009

Obama Poll result

What do you think of Obama so far....?

An excellent decisive leader

Not long enough in office to give a conclusive opinion

Dalai Lama snubbing, capitalism before humanitarian thinking, New Orleans? Guantanamo?

Are you having a tantrum because the great black hope turned into just another politician Oleuanna? 35%

23 votes total

Thanks I am Stan for your comments they are very much appreciated and I think he is proving himself to be more of a puppet than a leader. Well I guess the poll speaks for itself really...I officially have the hump.


  1. Question for you Oleuanna - given that Obama went through all of the usual processes for a politician climbing the greasy pole (including having to win the approval of enough of the elite to be even considered for a senior political role), don't you think it was in fact racist for so many people to assume that because he wasn't white, he might behave differently in office?

  2. I don't know if the term racist can be justified there. I think people hoped an African man would have more empathy to the diverse communities in the US who had been overlooked by a white politician for some time…..

    So racist no. A different and broader perspective yes.

  3. Just to console you a bit, Obama is not black, never has been never will be. His very white hippy mother had sex with an African while on holiday, that's all. Thereafter, Obama lived mainly among white people and grew up in the white way in a white society.

    To dismiss him as 'black' or 'African' is completely missing the point and probably doing a disservice to 'blacks' or 'Africans', or 'African-Caribbeans" as I think the term is this week.

    If you want to see proper black leadership, look at places like Zimbabwe or South Africa.

  4. Geezus you know I know he's mixed race (culture country, skin tone). The world insists on black and white and I get caught up in it.....and I am afraid not everyone is sophisticated enough to break down his origin, he is seen as black because he looks black. Simples.

    And I think we are fully aware that black leaders have existed before the west got it's knickers in a twist about finally getting one....people who have spent their lives being black in the West just wanted representation on a global level.

    Nice choice of countries as well.....Zimbabwe is still in recovery from the lack of exit plan from England and South Africa well, I think we all know what happened there. Africa is still a bit tribal not quite got the hang of development or democracy or even maintaining peace for long periods of time but old leaders hang onto power like the grip of a new born. New generations of leaders are coming through though. Hopefully the near future will throw up better examples of leadership. My hero at the moment is Morgan Tsvangirai he should of received the Nobel, although with that line of thinking Mugabe I guess would have had to have shared it with him and that really wouldn’t have made any sense.

    Anyway, I’ll just have to get into power myself seems the only way to get anything done these days!



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