Friday, 9 October 2009

Now what was I saying earlier??

This is Ron Paul, no stranger to most of you that follow politics with rigor (I hold my hands up, I had to Wiki his Bio, oh yeah sorry for citing Wiki but it's late and I needed to vent!). But anyway if you don’t, in short, he ran for the US Presidency in '88 for the Libertarians and ’08 as a Republican. I just wanted to defend my rant about Obama and what better way than with someone who is in the know, campaigns for liberty and is incredibly eloquent in his deliverance.

If we think Obama is about peace, then why is there still a war continuing in Afghanistan? Ron’s right, Obama and the Bush legacy have made it into an acceptable defensive process toward a war against terror and how can we resist such tact? To vocalise your contempt for this campaign makes you no better than an extreme fundamentalist. Why is this reminding me of the cold war?

We need to stop being schmoozed by these leaders because before we know it, Tony Blair will be Prince of Europe and Obama crowned King of an International Government, a movement that will have no issue using weapons and force to create Western customised ‘peace’. As I suggested earlier we have to ask ourselves what are the motives behind this? And whom will it benefit in the end?

Now what thinks you of this prize?


  1. when i first saw Ron paul he did this speech called neo-cond

  2. Hi O
    I think their motives are gather up the worlds resorces,oil mainly with an eye on food, water and metals in the near future...
    Obama is a corporate front..they are his paymasters their only purpose in existing is to control the worlds population and make themselves unimagineably rich and powerful.

    They use fear to control the population ..fear of attack from terrorists,fear of the police,fear of imprisonment..fear and more fear.

    The rest of the world well ..war and destruction..pounding countries back to the stone age then marching in to reap what resorces are available while a fearful population at home keeps silent.

    Any that do object are smeared,sidelined and worse.

    The people in the shadows who pull the strings are merciless and their good at what they do..very very good at their lethal game..

  3. The video's chopped off a bit at the right hand edge. Somebody told me that you have to change width to 400 and height to 295 (in two places) in the html code. It works for me.

    Apart from that, Ron Paul rocks! Also, what Katabasis says that Pilger says. They had to find a white guy who looked black.

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  5. Agreed on all points....I'm just sadly disappointed...

    and thanks Mark I shall amend....



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