Friday, 30 October 2009


There is/was a thing about black people dating outside of their cultural spec once upon a time in London and of course vice versa but I forgot about the social implications from my perspective.

I use to get told off for dating outside of my colour when I was younger, beaten up and bottled once because of it and on one specific occasion, I recall when all the black guys in this club mocked my very very white boyfriend he did dance badly.. nohing to do with his colour, he loved Marc Almond he was a bad dancer and the black guys were bouncers, nobody looked good.... it really is one of those stories where you had to have been there....everyone but me looked like a twat.

Stop screaming..... ...It's a slow news week.......and I just miss Barry...


  1. To be honest Oleuanna, I think its worse if you're the white man in this situation. Its a combination of racism with an insidious sexist double standard. My experience has always been that there is an assumption that you, as a man (and a white man in particular) have somehow led them astray.

    I got so sick of the aggro I now will no longer consider a relationship with a woman who is black or asian unless they live in a largely white area and/or have quite an ethnically mixed group of friends.

  2. John I see you have disappeared.....what can I say. It was a memory evoked by this song I really don't have any issues with white or black men. I do have some issues with bad dancing and quite a bit with racism. But I can see why you would jump to such an obvious summing up....albeit an inaccurate one but if you feel damaged, what can I say? Don't we all?

    Really Katabasis? I suppose I can see that perspective with regard to Asian girls and their families. With the black attitude, I was always called a sell out and siding with the enemy if you like. But I think if you have to step back and think about your environment before you enter into a relationship, which will allow it to be 'safe or not' or less 'aggro' strikes me as a relationship you shouldn't enter into.

    Colour will always be the issue if you start on that premise....

  3. Colour will always be an issue.
    The human animal is just that......1 group has to dominate another, however should you be able to cross the colour spectrum then it gets worse.

    people then target on religion, or ethnicity based on country not mearly colour.

    Sad sadly and I will admit it my ex is black and why are we not together...........easy she left me for a black guy!!!



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