Wednesday, 7 October 2009

Iz it because I iz black? ummm well yes... but it's not just about me...

It’s that time again, where I turn off Classical FM and conveniently highlight my ancestry with the sound of Peter Tosh dub wafting out my cottage door. I could quite easily be perceived as a coconut sat on this white middle class Estate, I confess sometimes I do forget what my parents sacrificed in order for me to be sat here but I can assure you, living in the UK it’s a memory lapse that occurs infrequently. After all I am the only black living on this hill and I'm not the help !!

So try not to start any mass political debate about the blacks having a month to celebrate their heritage and don’t do that ‘us and them’ standardised argument.. ‘if there is a black month there should be a white month’. Do try to avoid the constant droning bitter grumblings of… ‘better not be government funded’!!….give that monotone moaning a rest. For this month serves not just as a celebration for the BHM culture but a reminder of the importance of how we....yes I said WE, as a country have changed, grown, educated ourselves about the integration of other cultures, improved and moved on more harmoniously now. Much more congruent, than that of the days of the Brixton riots, Bradford and the lovely stop, batter, arrest then search tactics of the police back in the day. We all need to see and have this benchmark. It’s no longer an ‘us and them’ society, *coughs* well not as much… if anything the lack of popular support for the BNP thankfully evidences that.

So for all those Windrush, Ugandan Asians, Bengali, Chinese, Indian and African next generation to name a select few. If it weren’t for the utter horrific hardships our parents and ancestors had to endure, when they were actually INVITED here, to help strengthen the UKs infrastructure in order to make their lives better, which in turn aided our parents lives to improve. Then we sure as hell wouldn’t be as thriving when we make the comparison to some of the countries they have left behind.

And to all the original inhabitants of the UK you need to celebrate this month along side the BHM. If you look at the history of the immigration here, you will see it is a partnership that overall has worked and as much as the UK gives me constant despair, I am actually really proud of our progress. It’s these celebrations that bring it home to me that there really are worse places you could be living. Not really surprising people are bashing down the door to get here, we all worked fucking hard to get this place so desirable.

So press the play button below, collect some soul food, sit back and for once instead of moaning about what we need to achieve, lets really feel good about just how much we have.

Spliffs optional of course....


  1. Hello O ..Im looking forward to BHM any excuse to celebrate some history is good for me...

    By the way im the only black living in this forest hahaha

    I wouldn`t worry about people complaining..i know what you mean...i just remind em if i can be bothered that plenty of ¨blacks¨pay plenty of taxes so its nice to get something back...

    White history month goes on for 11 months of the year..

    Tell em to ¨get over it or write to your MP¨

    ta ta love.....

  2. "So try not to start any mass political debate about the blacks having a month to celebrate their heritage and don’t do that ‘us and them’ standardised argument.. ‘if there is a black month there should be a white month’. Do try to avoid the constant droning bitter grumblings of… ‘better not be government funded’!!….give that monotone moaning a rest."

    It's been a while since I've read anything quite so condescending. And wrong. But then again it's been a while since I read anything on your blog.

  3. Well please feel free to drop by again and still say nothing. Now you run along back to OHs blog where you can troll freely, this area isn't about destruction and demoralising.

    You missed the point. It was to be expected.

  4. wow.... I'm honoured, I shall cause trouble on your blog more often then. Cheers..

  5. Don't be honoured. I don't award "honours".

    Just carry on doing what ya doing. Cause TROUBLE

  6. Could the left wing Marxist slut get any more condescending?

  7. At one time the Libertarians were like a breath of fresh air Internet wide. Yet now they're almost putrid with the scent of lingering death. All that matters to Holborn and co now, is that their "Stat ratings" keep on a climbing.

    So Holborn is now a fan of a Marxist? That figures. It'll Keep those ratings chugging along.


  8. what balls for mr Anonymous to call you a Marxist slut. while the coward has no picture or even a fake name.Black history month is fine with me I want to hear things like this

    The combat record of the Tuskegee Airmen speaks for itself:

    * over 15,000 combat sorties (including 6000+ for the 99th prior to July '44)
    * 111 German airplanes destroyed in the air, another 150 on the ground
    * 950 railcars, trucks, and other motor vehicles destroyed
    * 1 destroyer sunk by P-47 machine gun fire (Lt. Pierson's flight)
    * sixty-six pilots killed in action or accidents
    * thirty-two pilots downed and captured, POWs
    * NO bombers lost while being escorted by the 332nd, a unique achievement
    * 150 Distinguished Flying Crosses earned
    * 744 Air Medals
    * 8 Purple Hearts
    Slavery was a dark part of all our history,but for me personally I dont want to hear abt the cruelness that was done to blacks,as I dont want to hear abt the holocaust,and what happen to the jews. I know it by heart it was drilled into me.They have nothing to do with us now.Though I know there is racism still. every time i get pulled over by cops more then 3x with my brother-inlaw he was found guilty of driving while being black.There are caste system still in Europe I have seen it in all races.It does me head in ,Thats why i just dont like looking back Unless its the positive things that was accomplished through adversity I would like a history month for each nationality,and how they have made our empires what they are today

  9. Hold on I missed that.....slut?

    Anonymous.....I'm not sure what your point is? Can you clarify? Because if this is where you stoop to...I am happy to see just how much lower you can go. Obviously your interpretation of the world you live in is to segregate people, you also choose not to have yourself recognised as you slime over peoples blogs with your cowardice oily view.

    I don’t agree with OH on many of his view points and I don’t feel he has that much interest in mine but I think one issue we can agree on, is that a view point, any view point is valid, as that is the premise of freedom of speech and that means even yours. Or do you feel that your voice and politics is the only one that needs to be heard and there is no other learning to be had outside of this. If so it’s no surprise you remain anonymous the party you belong to could be let down by such an extremist.

    Do tell me one thing though as this will help my next blog, are you a Libertarian? If not where do your politics lie. Are you brave enough to say that? Feel free to call me what you like… does not touch the sides, I live in the UK, I’m use to cowards yelling out of car windows as they speed by. I bet you were one of them weren't you?

    Come on angry bile filled person...tell me what gang you don't want me to be a part of?



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