Friday, 9 October 2009

Oh Bama......I guess it's something to tell the grand kids eh?

The differences between these two men? One has a better tailor, lives in the West, parades as a catalyst for change, drops in half way through life long political struggles claiming some of the glory..oh and just won a Nobel. The other one IS an achiever!

I swear I haven't got it in for Obama...and I’ll just have a short rant on this subject, because lets face it, I think we are all pretty much one minded about this award. I am not about to talk about and compare my much loved Mother Theresa and Martin Luther King, who without blinking deserved such distinction. I shan’t even mention the life threatening efforts of the nominated Morgan Tsvangirai. He battled that damn Mugabe for years watching people who opposed him disappear and be powerless to prevent it, then moving into a position not of death but sat beside the tyrant leader, in a some what unbelievable coalition.

No No…why would I highlight such obviousness. Because you and I know when we hear those names they instantly evoke the images of strength, bravery, pride, honour and heart swelling admiration we adorn to them because it is something we could not have possibly achieved, even with the life we have left.

I’ll not utter a sound.

But what I will say is, if after eleven days of being freshly in the White house you were told that you would be nominated for such an award, why didn’t you take the committee to one side and say no thanks lets put it off a couple of years? No? Well ok, alright, you probably thought to yourself, no fucking way will I win it…I’ve only been here a short while it couldn’t possibly be awarded to me? and if it did, then wouldn’t you think to yourself it’s because the international stage have obviously got some kind of hidden agenda in mind. Which if you think of race relations and religious connotations, those agendas become quite transparent, wafts of internationalism.

Surely an intelligent man like you would have turned around and said no, lets wait, who would respect me for having it? How could I respect myself? Because you do realise, without a shadow of a doubt, everybody thinks you are being awarded it for being the first black President don’t you? You haven’t done anything else, except talk about your intentions and I am not buying into the argument that the award is about ‘encouragement not achievement’ because if that were the case, then you still fall behind Doctors without borders or Aid workers to name but a few and where are their awards?

So when you pick up that award and give that speech, of which I can NOT wait to hear! When you get back home just ask yourself the one question, are you really worthy to stand in the same line up with those other achievers oops sorry encouragers and feel equal?

I would have respected you more if you had said no and handed it to Tsvangirai.

Adage :
Tsvangirai congratulates Obama

I think that speaks volumes....

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  1. My President has done something no other President has ever done. He has stood up to Israel and the American Jewish lobbies. You ask why that is so brave. He insisted that Israel must halt new illegal settlement building. No other President had placed so much pressure on Israel before. I'm not sure if you know that, in the last couple months, my President has been called an anti-Semite and even a Nazi. ..Everyday in my country there are groups that get away with spewing this hate. Why are they getting away with this? Our President was even compared to Adolf Hitler on MSM programs. Well who do you think is behind that? Zionist Jews. If you need proof, look no further than Israeli-American dual citizen and Queen of the vitriolic anti-Obama "Birther" movement.

    Now you ask why Obama got the Nobel Peace Prize? Europeans want him to finish the job with Israel. It's to show that the rest of the world is behind him. IMHO, I don't know what it's like to be black in America but I know that being a Jew is probably a hell of a lot easier. So for these Jews to wreck his Presidency because he wants peace in the middle east.



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